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...my passion are mobile apps, and I believe in producing high-quality work.

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I create high quality Android apps

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coder, mobile geek, tech passionate, sports guy, BROTHER, FRIEND...

About me

I love working with intelligent and creative people to build top-notch new software products in an agile way. My passion is mobile and web app development. I love to code and create new things, but I am also very focused on designing for a great user experience and simple usability.

Technology has been my passion from as far as I can remember. When I was little I always wanted to become an inventor. That is why I decided to attend a technical school. Afterwards I choose to study Telematics at the university of technology in Graz. During my masters I focused on software technology and information systems. It was also the time when the first actual Smartphones conquered the markets. From the early days of Android I was very interested in that platform, and took every course I found on this. Although developing apps in a professional manner, was something I learned through several personal app projects and my time at a startup company.

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